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by The Daily Planet

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released June 11, 2015




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The Daily Planet Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Passive Aggression
why the hell those feelings don't ever break loose
why the hell do we need all those goddamned news
i'm gonna see you and i'll tell you that i love you
yes i would yes i would
and speaking about lies
one two three i'm gonna tell you that i've never been bruised
i've got a whole lot left to lose

i've never done anything to impress you
last night i was awfully needing you
and to put an end to all these lies
yeah yeah yeah i wanna tell you that i love you
yes i do yes i do
don't go deep for what's inside
there's nothing hidden in this message if you get confused
don't get hindered by you mind

one and zero is the game
if you wanna get by
right here
where laws of nature don't apply

bleep blop bloop
it seems we're all caught in a loop
and i don't even know your name
love's not a zero sum game
Track Name: What's That For?
what do i need all your juice and seliva for
hear me say
i just want to have fun X3

it's all nice and clear
but you live in a dream
become grounded in fear
do what grown ups adhere
if you don't you're a nut X3

if the concept of marriage (say) didnt exist
would you insist to invent it?
id say no on my part...X3
(and idit says: maybe i also wouldn't, by the way)

so your sweet boy has grown
he's 11 years old
and the hospital calls
you are being informed
a mistake has been made
mr. sir i'm afraid
you have got . .
the wrong baby
and return! him like that?
would-you !give him right back?
do-you lay !hold of that fact?

it has nothing to do
with a natural need
if you're going to have your own child
out of greed
we're all !part of this evolution indeed
so-!why not invest in the whole of our breed

life is a verb